The Best 6 Benchmark Bowling Balls to Buy In 2022

The benchmark bowling balls are the best bowl options in an unpredictable environment for a predictable reaction. Here, we have enlisted the six best benchmark bowling balls- Storm IQ Tour, Storm Phaze II, Roto Grip Idol, Brunswick Hero Solid, Track Latitude, and Radical Closer Pearl. These balls have the highest customer rating along with positive feedback. T

therefore, the chances are they won’t disappoint you in the long run. If you want to have the ultimate bowling experience, you can pick one of the balls below without looking further.

Review of the Best Benchmark Bowling Ball

The best benchmark bowling balls have the best attributes compared to the other types of bowling balls. Hence, we have brought you the six most astonishing collections of balls to roll on the lane with this list of the best benchmark bowling balls. So, let’s have a look at their details.

1. Storm IQ Tour Emerald Bowling Ball

The Storm has an incredible collection of bowling balls. So, our first pick is from Storm: The Storm IQ Tour Emerald Bowling Ball. This is a ball that you won’t regret buying. It features an R2S Pearl Reactive Emerald cover-stock. Besides that, the ball is 1500-grit polished with a factory finish. With this feature, the ball gains speed faster as it rolls on the lane. And that results in a smooth flow in the course of direction.

This ball is available in 14 and 15 pounds. To shift the center of gravity to one side, it features a C3 centripetal control core as a weight block. This bowling ball has a nice and shimmery dark emerald color. On top of that, the storm logo is printed on it. Therefore, anyone can recognize this signature brand from looking at it. The ball has medium flare potential and a Melon Mint scent. Possibly Storm is the only company that makes scented bowling balls. This ball has a one-year warranty.

The ball from the Storm IQ series also features an excellent combination between backend hook and mid-lane control. However, this ball does not come predrilled. So, you can make customized drilling according to your needs.

Nevertheless, it is a popular ball among bowlers. The customers are pretty satisfied with how this ball is performing. The five-star ratings are saying it all.

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Key Features

  • Manufacturer: Storm
  • Available weight range: 15 and 16 pounds
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Flare potential: Medium

What We Like

  • Precise hitting with a nice hook
  • It cuts into the pocket right away
  • You can enjoy bowling in a controlled way
  • Factory-finished cover-stock has a slick pattern

What Don’t We Like

  • Nothing to mention

2. Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball

storm phaze 2 bowling ball

Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball is the second release under the Phaze label from Storm. Storm Phaze two has been in the market since 2016. The ball still has its appeal to the bowlers. So, we have chosen Storm Phaze two as our second pick. This benchmark ball from Storm has an aggressive curve. It is rated for an oil volume that is medium to heavy. Therefore, you can play on a wide array of patterns and oil volume. Additionally, it adapts with the different bowling styles, like- stroker, cranker, or tweener, pretty effortlessly.

This is a pro-level ball with a budget-friendly price tag. The ball has a beautiful color combination of red, blue, and purple. The Phaze two has a sanded solid cover-stock. So, there will be more traction on the oily surface. Additionally, there will be a more controlled shift at the breakpoint. It is a useful ball that hits flat at the pins.

Phaze two has a smooth reaction shape. The hook pattern leaves you plenty of spaces to play around without driving the ball at a corner at the end of the alley. Power play and predictable throws are the two most convincing attributes of the Phaze II.

However, if you play on dry patterns, this ball may not suit the surface as it needs either some polish on the cover or an oily front surface to go the lane. So, if you want to score some points with predictable throws, this ball should be in your bag.

Key Features

  • Manufacturer: Storm
  • Available weight range: 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 pounds
  • Type: Reactive Solid
  • Box Finish: 3000 Abralon

What We Like

  • It revs up pretty fast
  • Affordable price range
  • It offers more hook
  • It hits the pocket pretty effortlessly

What Don’t We Like

  • Not suitable for dry pitch

3. Roto Grip Idol Bowling Ball

This is a benchmark bowling ball from Roto Grip. It is a high-performance ball to roll in medium to heavy oil conditions. It has a standard durometer limited by USBC between 73 to 75. This ball features an asymmetric core. This ball has got a 2000-grit sanded factory finish. It has a 2.49 RG or radius of gyration. With its new cover and core, you get a better overall look.

The ball features an Ikon™ Core. The asymmetric core helps to push the limits of the symmetric core by providing extended back-end weight. It also features Microtrax-s18 solid reactive cover-stock, which is made by using Nanotechnology. This specialized production results in aggressive bowling and provides more traction than the previous batches. It has a differential of 0.052 for a 15-pound ball. This ball hits hard driving through the pocket.

The Roto Grip Idol comes with four different weight options- 12, 13, 14, and 16 pounds. This bowling ball has a bright magenta color with a yellow ‘IDOL’ logo printed on it. The ball comes undrilled. However, you can add additional services to drill before the shipment is made.

Key Features

  • Manufacturer:
  • Color: Magenta
  • Available weight range: 12, 13, 14, and 16 pounds
  • Cover-stock: Solid Reactive
  • Flare potential: Medium
  • Ball Warranty: 1 Year

What We Like

  • Pretty affordable price
  • Variable weight range
  • Bright hue and standard printed logo
  • Great for medium to high oily lanes

What Don’t We Like

  • Sometimes the reaction is uncontrollable

4. Brunswick 15lb Hero Solid

Our fourth benchmark bowling ball is the Brunswick Hero Solid. It is a new addition to the previous Brunswick Pearl addition by removing the Pearl additives from the original Hero version. It is best suited for advanced-level players, but intermediate-level players can also play with it. You will find a weight range between 12 lbs to 16 lbs of this ball. This ball offers a wide range of reactions for skilled bowlers.

The Brunswick Hero Solid Features Durability Optimization Technology (DOT) which is a patent-pending advanced technology in the industry. The ball has a mixed color combination of black, pink, and purple. The ball has a finish of 500, 2000 Siaair Micro pad. It also features an Activator Plus 2.0 Solid Reactive cover-stock. Additionally, it has a Contra core. It has a differential of .047 for a 15-pound ball. It has a Durometer rating of 76. The higher number a ball has, the stronger and more profound the reactions will be.

The ball has a radius of gyration or RG of 2.474 for a 15lbs ball. The outer core is made with the industry-leading DynamiCore Technology resulting in a more durable outer layer. This also helps to hit harder and reduce noise. The versatile motions of this ball can be useful across different lane conditions. However, it is a great benchmark ball to blend in the wet-dry house condition. The ball has a two-year warranty from the purchasing date.

Key Features

  • Manufacturer: Brunswick
  • Available weight range: 15 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Flare potential: Medium
  • Country of Origin:‎ Mexico

What We Like

  • Bright cover-stock
  • Solid reactive cover-stock hits the pocket hard
  • Extended two years of warranty
  • Super low price for a benchmark bowling ball

What Don’t We Like

  • Nothing to mention

5. Track Latitude 15lb Bowling Ball

Our second last pick is the Track Latitude fifteen pounds bowling ball. Track Latitude is a benchmark bowling ball from Track. The ball has a factory finish featuring a 500, 3000 Siaair Micro Pad. It has a symmetrical core. The Latitude features a QR8 Solid cover-stock which is far better than the previous version used in the Triton Elite. It is smoother. It is a great ball to find out different possibilities. If you are familiar with the Triton Elite, this ball will give a similar reaction.

It features an MC2 Technology weight block. The same MC2 has been used in the Triton Elite. However, the Latitude includes a little modification in the core to produce a higher differential and RG or radius of gyration. This benchmark ball can produce diverse reactions by hard-hitting through the pocket in any unknown condition.

This bowling ball has a differential value of 0.045 for 14, 15, and 16 pounds balls. This ball has a pretty affordable price, under a hundred bucks. It has a combination of light and dark purple. This ball does not have an intermediate differential. No fragrance is available in this bowling ball. It is a versatile bowling ball that can be thrown in different styles. Therefore, the bowlers with style and playing level would want it in their bag.

Key Features

  • Manufacturer: Track
  • Available weight range: 15 pounds
  • Average Speed: 19 mph (at release)
  • Cover-stock: QR8 Solid
  • Flare potential: Medium

What We Like

  • Predictable and versatile bowling
  • Cheap price
  • Smooth and continuous backend

What Don’t We Like

  • Nothing spectacular

6. Radical 16lb Closer Pearl Bowling Ball

Our last pick is from Radical, the Radical Closer Pearl Bowling Ball. This ball has a 100% 5-star rating on Amazon till the date of writing this article (October 2021). This surely is a result of the remarkable performance. This ball can be rolled on a medium to heavy lane condition. It is a high-performance ball suitable for any intermediate to skilled bowlers. The ball also includes an asymmetric core featuring DynamiCore. It comes with a Crown Factory Compound 500/1000 Siaair factory finish.

The Closer Pearl features the Ai39 cover within the Squatch line. This adds too much motion to the backend of the lane providing the ball more length to slide. The polished finish gives a strong reaction when thrown on a synthetic lane. It has a greater value than the original Closer while resembling it in many features. This ball will support your bowling skill with excellent hitting power and great carry. This ball features a 195.8 perfect scale hook rating and a Radius of Gyration of 2.540. It also has a differential rating of 0.050. By combining all these components, the Closer Pearl ball produces an excellent wipeout through the pocket.

The ball features a Pearl Reactive cover-stock that will be great to play on medium to heavy lane conditions. It has a color combination of midnight blue, silver, and white. This ball has an extended warranty period of two years. It also offers a reasonable price. Bowlers who are looking for a good-quality benchmark bowling ball and are under a tight budget can surely go for this one!

Key Features

  • Manufacturer: Radical
  • Available weight range: 16 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Flare potential: Medium-Heavy
  • Core Type: Symmetric

What We Like

  • Suitable for medium to high oil patterns
  • Reasonable price
  • Predictable bowling within a controllable style

What Don’t We Like

  • Nothing objective

Which bowling ball did you find the best fit for your particular condition? If you do not have an idea how you should choose a bowling ball, here is a simple yet useful buying guide to help you under a certain condition.

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Buying Guide: Tips and Tricks to Know While Buying a Benchmark Bowling Ball

A buying guide helps you to choose the right size and type of bowling ball. If you are interested in buying a benchmark ball, you might also be interested in the process of selecting a ball. Now, you must understand that a perfect ball is nonexistent. There will always be some lacking’s. However, there are choices that barely make an issue when rolled on the ground despite having minor complexities. On top of that, you have to consider your bowling skill, type of lane you will be playing, weight capacity, etc. before buying a benchmark bowling ball.

Cover Material

Bowling balls are made of various materials- plastic, polyurethane, etc. When you choose the ball, keep in mind your bowling level. If you are a beginner, you better pick a plastic cover material. You can also choose polyester. They are inexpensive and a great option to figure out what type of ball you should buy when you level up your game.

The polyurethane balls are a better pick for the intermediate bowlers. However, the professional bowlers also use them besides the reactive-resin balls. The resin balls are the best for throwing a hook though they have a higher price range than the other two.

Thumb Fit

When choosing a benchmark bowling ball, consider the thumb to fit inside the holes properly. If you didn’t put your finger inside the thumb hole comfortably, it would be tough for you to concentrate on the game. You have to find a ball with holes that are neither too tight nor too loose and fits the fingers snugly. Have a minimum grip pressure with a slightly tight thumb hole. That way the ball won’t slip away from your fingers.

The Weight

The bowling balls may weigh 6 to 16 pounds. You will find variations in the ball’s weight. Lighter balls are made for the kids, where the adults use the heavier ones. There is an exception though. If you’re not comfortable with a ball weight that goes along with your weight or you have been injured recently and trying to recover, you should better follow your mind. Pick a lighter weight that suits you better. Do not put too much stress on your shoulder unnecessarily.

Although carrying a bigger ball than your hand is tough, most bowlers prefer to use a ball that weighs between 12 to 14 lbs, though the professional players use a heavier ball than they regularly use.

Type of Lane

There might be three basic types of lane surface in any bowling lane- synthetic, wood, and overlay. The bowling pattern varies greatly upon the surface type.

Generally, you would find the wood lane in most of the bowling alleys. Bowling balls with less aggressive cover-stock are best for this surface. Wood lanes have high friction and typically are made of pine wood. The surface is softer than other types of lanes. So, you will experience a slower pace of the ball at the end of the lane which slows down at the middle of the course.

Synthetic surface lanes have lower friction than traditional wooden lanes. Therefore, you will experience an increased rev rate with a lower ball speed and reduced rotation. And you will need a hard-hitting ball.

The Guardial lane surface, which is also known as overlay or lane shield, has a similar softness as the wooden surface. And they have slightly higher friction than the synthetic lanes. So, there will be more skid at an earlier phase. We suggest using a ball with less aggressive cover-stock.

Oil Pattern

Besides the floor structure, you have to consider another factor: how much the lanes are oiled and how they are patterned. There are three types of oil patterns in the bowling lanes. You have to choose the ball considering this factor as well.

Generally, shorter oil patterns are 36-feet in length. They have more friction at the backend than in the middle. Resin cover-stock would over-react in this condition. It will result in an unpredictable hit in the pocket. So, we recommend using benchmark bowling balls to achieve a predictable outcome.

Larger equipment is useful on medium oil patterns. In this type of oil pattern, the breaking point is between eight to twelve boards down the lane. So, you can use the high-performance urethane bowling ball here. The bowlers who can bowl with two hands can play in versatile action using different models.

The long patterns are normally 42-feet or longer. Here, the breakpoints will be between 11 boards and 22 boards. Therefore, it will also affect your throwing pattern, speed, and rev rate. Consider these factors as well while throwing the ball.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is a Benchmark Bowling Ball?

A benchmark ball is a top-notch bowling ball used by professionals. These bowling balls give a high-quality performance on the lane. They have a higher price tag than other bowling balls. It has a medium reaction possessing a hook shape that is neither too angular nor too smooth. It’s a reliable option when you are unsure which ball to roll, especially during a tournament. The best feature of a benchmark bowling ball is that you get a consistent performance besides a predictable reaction.

What’s The Best Bowling Ball Weight?

The most common weight range for bowling balls is between 12 to 14 lbs. The ideal weight of a bowling ball should be 10% of your body weight though you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable holding and rolling the ball. However, this rule only applies up to 16 pounds of ball weight as it is the heaviest legal ball weight. So, take a ball that is compatible with your body weight and is comfortable for you.

Are Heavier Bowling Balls Better?

A heavier ball slides better. It has more pin action and driving & hitting power. Most pro bowlers use 16-pound balls. They tend to use one- or two-pounds heavier balls than they usually use. However, they interchange the balls between lighter and heavier versions during a long tournament to perform better.

Final Words

Hopefully, you have found the best benchmark bowling ball. The benchmark bowling balls have been favorite for pro-level players for a long time. These balls are great performers in any unknown environment.

You soon get to learn the pattern and oil condition of the lane with a controlled throw with this ball. And some people can play with both hands. They would also prefer the benchmark balls. So, which benchmark bowling ball did you choose?

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