The Experts Guide to 8 Best Bowling Ball for A Stroker in 2021

Bowlers with an artistic throwing angle with a strong hook down the lane are known as strokers. Speed and very high initial rev don’t matter to them. All they want is higher hooking and tough breaking points down the lane. For this, the best bowling ball for a stroker is a must.

A stroker is a highly competitive and aggressive bowler. This means they require an aggressive bowling ball too for keeping up with his/her demands. They play every shot for both scores and entertaining purposes. It is very eye soothing to watch a stroker’s shots in the alley.

The most suitable bowling ball for a stroker would be such that it can maintain consistency, accuracy, and precision. Moreover, the weight, cover-stock, and core of the bowling ball depend upon the physique, the throwing style of the bowler, and the lane condition of the alley.

This section will explain the in and outs of the Top 8 Bowling Balls for A Stroker.

1. Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball

Considering you are a calm but destructive canker in the alley. Then the tzone deep space bowling ball would be a great pick for you. Its soothing space design and marble texture make it look like a classic bowling ball. You can pick your desired one from six different shades of color and texture.

The outer covering of this bowling ball is made of Plastic or Polyester material. Its cover-stock is highly suitable for dry and short lanes only. This ball creates high friction with the lane surface making it a speedy bowling ball with very low rev. The straight bowling action would get its potential to the next level.

Main Features

  • Cover-stock: plastic/polyester
  • Ball Finish: High Gloss Polish
  • Hook potential: 25 (low) on a scale of 10-175 low-high
  • Ball color: many colors available- product color of this ball is listed in the title of this ball

This Brunswick tzone deep space bowling ball has been released with multiple weight variations. Starting from 6lbs to 15lbs, you can choose the required weight based on your bowling skill and physique.

Its radius of gyration value and differential value differs with the weight of the ball. This ball gives you the option to pick the ball according to your ball throwing posture and style. A stroker can pick a lightweight ball for high RG and low differential. It’s highly suitable for a strong hook down the lane.

This bowling ball has a tzone bullet core type. The core is lightweight made of high-density plastic. It provides the ball with a decent coefficient of restitution. Moreover, it allows the ball to gain moderate kinetic energy through its course for aggressive pin-carrying action.

Symmetric core build-up makes this ball compatible with dry and very low oil lanes. Besides, the well-distributed weight ball makes it stable and balanced throughout the travel. During the breaking point, very little deviation is seen. So, handling the ball becomes easier for anyone with any type of releasing style.

It has been finished with high grit sandpaper in the factory. This makes the bowling ball highly non-porous and smooth. Therefore, the friction of the ball is lesser and good traction can be gained. Besides, it has been polished with crown factory finish polish. You can use them straight out of the box.

Since the ball comes in undrilled condition, it can be drilled according to your comfort and grip. This change will automatically enhance your ball handling and releasing which results in the ultimate strike.

The tzone deep space bowling ball is specially designed for beginner-level bowling alleys. This means it can show a good performance in dry lanes with medium or short length. For this reason, you cannot use it on oiled lanes with longer lengths.

The hook potential of this ball is comparatively lower than expected. You would need to put effort into getting a good impact in the down lane.

Coming to the price, it has been launched with a decent price tag. Therefore, judging by the overall features and price of the ball, an entry-level stroker can get this ball. Its construction and quality made it to be used as a spare and practice ball by the experts.

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2. Pyramid Path Bowling Ball

Classical bowling requires cracking shots included with speed and power. That is what the Pyramid Bowling Ball from Path will offer. It has been released with classic eye-catching color blends with a lot of options to be chosen. The company launched the ball with 13 amazing soft color profiles of the same quality.

Its cover-stock is made up of polyester and plastic material. The plastic cover-stock enables it for straight and long bowling action. You won’t need to think about the hooking of the ball down the lane. This ball can put a great fight in the foul lanes and hit the pins as well. Therefore, it’s easy to control the ball with minimal skills and practice.

Click image for more info

Main Features

  • Perfect for all ages and skill levels
  • Polyester Cover-stock for straight shots
  • Pyramid quality
  • Perfect Scale Rating: 5.0

This ball has variable weight options. You can choose normal (8-10lbs) weight options for kids and women. Even, you can pick the 10-13lbs overweight balls for comparatively more challenging bowling actions.

Its lower-weight balls will offer you a higher radius of gyration value. This means the weight block remains in the center of the sphere providing a higher differential value. You need not worry about its high rev action because it acts exactly upon the angle of the throwing lane. However, this ball is advantageous for those who are new to bowling.

The central weight block or core of this bowling ball is a pancake type. This design of the core makes it highly suitable for straight bowling actions. If you are a one-arm swinger who relies on speed rather than spin then this ball is made for you. The ball has a moderate hit point on the pins.

However, the core weight of the Pyramid Path is symmetrical. This means the weight is equally distributed and very well balanced. You don’t need a professional level of bowling skills for handling this ball. Using the basic rules and following common procedures, you can have strikes consistently with a simple straight action.

This bowling ball’s outermost layer has been finished with high-quality grit papers. It makes the ball smooth and easily controllable. The moderate friction effect on the ball forbids it to deviate on the line if thrown with high speed. Besides, the factory polishing enables it to be used right after opening the package box.

Pyramid Path bowling bowl is designed for beginner’s lane conditions. You can use it on dry lanes with negligibly low or no oil at all. Moreover, it can only be used in the shorter lanes of the bowling alleys.

It has a very low hook potential as compared to those of professional bowling balls. This makes it usable for almost everyone. Anyone with common swings can throw this ball and achieve strikes quite easily. 

The Pyramid Path is uniquely designed and made for bowlers with a casual interest in bowling. It’s a great model for increasing the average or simply passing time in the bowling alley. People of all ages despite gender and physique can get this ball and use it with full potential.

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3. Storm Proton Physix Bowling Ball

In the bowling world, the name “STORM” reigns. It’s because Storm develops a budget as well as high-performance bowling balls. The Proton Physix Bowling Ball is one of the newest additions in the feet of Storm.

It has a marvelous soothing design for both aggressive and calm bowlers. The Magenta Violet and Black color blend will remind you of sweet desserts. To support that the ball has a frosted cupcake fragrance. This ball can be the first choice of pick because of its outlook.

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Main Features

  • The Storm Proton PhysiX high-performance bowling ball was designed to offer traction and hook on just about any heavy oil condition you might come across
  • This bowling ball is the third in the popular PhysiX line and continues the success of the Atomic core
  • The low RG of the core assists in producing spin on the ball and when combined with the NeX Solid Reactive coverstock this ball is unstoppable on heavy oil conditions
  • Made Of High Quality Materials

The high-quality NEX cover-stock of Storm has been implanted in this ball. It is a solid reactive type of cover-stock. The earlier reaction feature of the solid reactive type makes it a decent high-profile bowling ball. This ball tends to roll earlier on the lane for increasing the energy on the impact point. The sharp teeth of this cover-stock can cut through highly oiled lanes.

There are five versions of this bowling ball based upon the weights. These are 12lb, 13lb, 14lb, 15lb and 16lb balls. The Radius of gyration and differential value of a ball varies with the weight. It gives you the authority to select the best suitable ball depending upon your technique.

This ball has a minimum RG value of 2.48 and a differential value of 0.054 that comes with the 16lb version. It is rated as a low RG, allowing the ball to spin more with high initial rev. The low RG helps the ball to maintain the course. On the other hand, the 12lb version of this ball possesses 2.59 RG and a 0.029 differential value. It is more suitable for slightly straight-driven bowling action.

Its lightweight block reduces the friction with the lane surface making it travel smoothly with minimum effort. It makes the ball start rolling at the end lane for a good impact on the pins. Besides, the lightweight block makes you get a very comfortable grip which will eventually enhance your bowling action.

The core of this ball is asymmetrical. Its unbalanced weight distribution increases the initial rev and results in very high hooking and rolling at the end. This smashes the pins with great energy. Besides, the asymmetrical core also creates an influence for the ball to achieve high flare potential.

It comes from the factory having a premium 2000 Grit Abralon finishing. The usage of high grit Abralon makes it very smooth and balanced on every side of the sphere. It lowers the negative friction effect and allows the ball to maintain its course without any deviation. In addition, you need not waste money regularly on maintenance or finishing.

This bowling ball is highly compatible with heavy oiled lanes. It can read and follow the oil patterns naturally. All you need to do is put a decent rev in the beginning and steer it towards the deck of pins.

Experts and competitive bowlers will find this ball suitable for their style and techniques. For beginners, it is quite tough to recognize and would require heavy practice to develop the skills.

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4. Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball

Another well-known company in the bowling world is Motive. It’s mostly popular for producing benchmark levels of bowling balls. The Motiv Venom shock version is another addition to its venom fleet.

Motiv’s Venom Shock is designed for highly aggressive players. Its deep violet color blend with the unique Venom Logo makes it look tough and act rough on the lane.

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Main Features

  • The Motiv Venon Shock has it all at an affordable price
  • This ball pairs the Gear weight block with the Turmoil MFS Reactive coverstock from the Covert Revolt to produce a smooth but angular backend motion that continues through the pins
  • The colors on this ball really pop on the lane and produce shocking results on light to medium oil conditions
  • The Twist Is Sure To Appeal To Bowlers Of All Ages And Skill Levels

The cover-stock is made up of Turmoil Mss Solid Reactive. Bowlers of heavy oiled lanes would love this feature. It is made for quick and early reaction on the lane. If it’s thrown properly, the rolling impact becomes devastating for the deck of pins. This cover-stock makes the ball recognize the oil pattern quite easily and follow it consistently for strikes with every shot.

This bowling ball’s 13lbs version is a decent pick for bowlers of all types of physique. It is easily handleable. Besides, skilled kids and women can also use it without putting in any extra effort.

The radius of gyration value of the 13lb version is 2.58. It’s generally rated as a mid-RG value. That means the ball will have a moderate but constant rate of spin from the time of releasing. This will allow the ball to deviate less if thrown with proper speed and angle.

Apart from the RG, this ball has a differential value of 0.023. This value results in very low flare potential. Besides, it reduces the surface area of the ball to touch a minimal portion of the surface. This results in increasing the length while rolling. Therefore, more oil cutting can be seen using this ball.

It has been installed with the Motiv’s original Gear core. With a comparatively increased weight, the ball becomes more attacking on the lane. This allows the ball to slowly generate kinetic energy along the course. At the time of breaking, it smashes the deck with maximum power for a strike.

Moreover, the core type is symmetrical. Heavyweight block with asymmetrical distribution of weight makes it a quick and powerful acting ball on the lane. If you are a bowler of moderate speed and rev issue then the symmetrical core of this ball can cover that. And, it will show utmost performance on the oiled lanes.

This ball comes with a factory finish of 4000 Grit LSS. The high amount of grit usage makes the bowling ball extremely non-porous and with a very smooth surface. Therefore, very little compound and polish are required for it to show a premium level of performance in the alley.

The reactive cover-stock, symmetrical heavy core, and high grit finishing make it a perfect ball for low to mid oiled lanes. Besides, the length of 14 and, backend of 16.5 make this bowling ball the master of oiled lanes.

It is designed for bowling enthusiast players only. But, bowlers who hit the alley at least four times a week for sharpening skills can get this bowling ball.

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5. Storm Axiom Bowling Ball

Another performance grade bowling from the STORM. The Axiom model from the Storm is a premium and high-quality professional bowling ball.

It has a distinctive body texture and soothing design that help you to keep cool in low-scoring matches. Besides, the color blend of blue color profiles makes it look meek. The addition of the Storm Thunder Logo and the branding increases its fineness.

Click image for more info

Main Features

  • package length: 21.59 cm
  • package width: 22.352 cm
  • package height: 22.352 cm
  • product type: sporting goods
  • Included components: Bowling Ball
  • Sport type: Bowling

The cover-stock of this bowling ball is developed by high-grade NeX (Nano Extreme) solid reactive cover-stock. This cover-stock tends to break at a very early point on the lane. Therefore, it starts rolling at the mid lane resulting in a powerful impact on the deck of the pins. 

This ball is available in 5 different weights. The weight range is from 12 to 16lbs. Each has its advantage on the lane. Besides the physique of a bowler and his/her bowling technique also matters a lot while picking up the ball. A bowler with a good physique and single or both arm thrower with high rev will be useful using the 15lb version of this ball.

Its Radius gyration value is calculated to be 2.48 in the 15lb version. This RG value can be rated as a low RG. It helps a bowler with a high initial rev. Because of the 2.48 RG, it becomes convenient to spin the ball at an angular releasing point. Besides, it stabilizes the ball throughout its journey and avoids major deviation of angle.

Along with a lower RG value, the differential value is noticed to be 0.050 for the 15lb ball. It is considered to be a mid-range differential value that shows average flare potential on the lane. This will allow the ball to get a decent length for a good breakpoint.

This bowling ball features an updated Orbital core which is considerably lower weight than its competitors. But this dense weight block ensures a good store of kinetic energy while rolling. Therefore, you can see a good and powerful hit on the deck of pins.

Along with the Orbital core, its weight block is symmetrical. It allows the ball to achieve medium to high flare potential with a good hook. Moreover, it will be easier for you to spin and release the ball on an oily lane. The symmetric weight distribution keeps the balance and avoids running into the foul line.

It comes with the factory finishing done by using 3000 Grit Abralon. The Abralon grit makes it look and feel very premium. Initially, the smooth surface after sanding becomes smoothest after adding a very small amount of compound and polishing. This helps the ball to recognize the oil pattern in no time and react accordingly.

The Storm Axiom is designed for mid to heavy-oiled lanes. It has the sharpest teeth which allow it to cut through the oiled lanes without any objection.

Starting with the body construction, cover-stock, and core makes this ball is highly suitable for professional and competitive bowlers. You can take it to regional leagues or use it almost daily in premium bowling alleys for regular practice.

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6. Storm Tropical Surge Bowling Ball

The new addition in the tropical lineup with the advanced cover-stock and core type is the Surge. Its outlook has a classic touch of a premium color blend of Teal and Blue. With that, the wild leaf fragrance would keep your mind fresh and motivated in the alley.

The construction of pearl reactive cover-stock makes it a very professional bowling ball. This cover-stock nullifies the friction effect on the ball. As a result, the bowling ball will run the longest before rolling takes place. This results in quick but powerful breaking down the lane which smashes the pin deck with maximum power.

Click image for more info

Main Features

  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Product Type: Sporting Goods
  • Item Package Dimensions: 22.098 L X 22.098 W X 23.368 H (Cm)
  • Item Package Weight: 5.897 Kilograms

Officially the Tropical Surge has been launched with a 12lbs version only. It’s a medium-range and average weight that can be picked by almost any type of bowler. Young and beginner bowlers can use it for advance practicing and adapting with the weight. Whereas experts can use the ball professionally in competitions.

The 12lb version of the ball has a radius of gyration value of 2.80 only. On the scale, this RG value can be rated as a high RG value. That’s why bowlers with a high-speed bowling action would prefer this ball for putting consistent strikes on the scoreboard.

Besides, it has a considerably lower differential value which is only 0.002. It makes the ball possess very low flare potential. Therefore, you can expect a frictionless smooth drive in the lane before rolling happens. It also creates a high hooking potential of the ball in the mid-lane.

The newest Surge type weight block ensures a smooth curved motion of the ball. This core is made for devastating end-lane bowling action. A good amount of kinetic energy is stored in the ball, which delivers an impulsive thrust while hitting the balls.

This ball’s core has asymmetric buildup which helps in balancing the ball while spinning and moving forward. It creates a uniform motion with moderate hook potential down the lane. You will be able to steer and direct quite easily than the asymmetric bowling balls.

The 1500 Grit finishing paper is used for factory finishing the Tropical Surge bowling ball. The ball becomes uniformly smooth with a non-porous surface. Pre-factory polishing makes it even ready to use straight out of the box. You need not spend bucks for its maintenance.

The compatibility of the Storm Tropical Surge is with low to medium oiled lanes only. It can travel very long to get a good length without being deviated from its course. This makes the ball suitable for bowlers who are new to oiled lanes and want to become a pro shortly.

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7. Ebonite Game Breaker 3

Ebonite is one of the ruling names in the bowling world. It’s well known for producing tournament-grade bowling balls. The Game Breaker 3 was developed for competitive purposes. This simple yet ebonite black and purple color blend makes it more attractive than the other balls.

The GB 12.7 cover-stock used to make the outer covering of the ball is a Hybrid Type cover-stock. Hybrid cover-stock acts as a mixture of Pearl Reactive and Solid cover-stocks. It will react slightly earlier in the bowling lane but will also run longer for a smooth course.

Click image for more info

Main Features

  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Product Type: Sporting Goods
  • Item Package Dimensions: 21.59 L X 21.59 W X 22.86 H (Cm)
  • Item Package Weight: 6.622 Kilograms

This bowling ball comes with seven different weight options starting from 10lbs. It is available for bowlers of all ages and gender. Starting from a beginner to an expert, everyone can pick this ball as their primary striker.

It comes with a wide range of gyration values. The RG range is from 2.49 to 2.75. You can pick the 16lbs ball with 2.49 RG value if you are a low-speed high rev player. On the other hand, the 10lbs ball with 2.75 RG would be a good pick for you. That is if you are a high-speed bowler with straight bowling action.

Besides, the differential value also differs with the weight change. The differential value of this bowling ranges from 0.017 to 0.041. This will impact the flare potential and friction impact of the lane on the balls. You can pick the best-suited ball for you based on your bowling action and physique.

The Enhance V2 type is a heavy-weight core. It is installed as a successor of the GB2. This enhanced V2 provides durability and increased endurance in the ball. That means the ball can provide smashing pin hits with every shot.

Besides, the symmetrical structure of the core will allow you to steer and control the ball quite easily. This ball naturally becomes stable throughout its course without showing any sort of distraction. Even at the breaking point, it produces kinetic energy for maximum impact on the deck of pins.

It originates from the 500/2000 Abralon grade of finishing. The Abralon grit makes it look and act very premium. High-quality glossy finishing is thus achieved. You can simply use polishing compounds for the finishing after the purchase at a low expense.

This ball is designed for showing the benchmark level of performance on Low to Mid oil lanes. But, it can also be used in heavy lane conditions without any difficulty.

If you are a daily bowler and want to improve and score consistently in tournaments then this ball is good. Intermediate-level bowlers can also use this ball if the budget is not a great deal.

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8. Hammer Web Pearl

The Web Pearl is one of the flagship bowling balls from the Hammer. It is engineered to provide a big sweeping backend for strong pin-carrying action.

This ball has an eye-catching and aesthetic outlook due to the premium marble-type colors used. It is constructed with the aggressive pearl reactive cover-stock. That allows the ball to move swiftly to the longest end and create the breaking point. Besides, it enhances the ball’s performance to show an upper mid reaction on the ball.

Click image for more info

Main Features

  • CORE: Spheroid
  • COVERSTOCK: Aggression Pearl
  • LANE CONDITION: Medium oil

The wide range of weight selectivity makes this ball easily choose able for most skilled bowlers. Its low RG value (2.50-2.68) acquainted with medium differential value range allows the ball to read the mid lane strongly.

You can feel the strong pin-carrying action due to its upgraded Spheroid type of core. This weight block ensures maximum durability and toughness of the ball while carrying the pins. However, if you are a fast bowler then this ball would be advantageous for you.

Its symmetric alignment of the core keeps the ball balanced and stable throughout the course. You can maintain the spin till the end of the lane where the ball starts rolling to hit the ball.

You will find a premium type of factory finishing in this ball. It is due to the use of 500, 1000, 1500 Siaair grits for finishing. The ball becomes utterly smooth and virtually frictionless on the lane. Moreover, it is added with a crown factory compound for shininess and glossiness. Therefore, it travels without being deviated on medium and heavy oiled lanes.

The pearl reactive cover-stock, spheroid core and finishing enable it to react as skid and flip type continuously.

This ball can be picked by experts and bowling enthusiasts who visit the alley at least 3 days a week. However, transitioning bowlers from dry to oiled lanes can use it for practice and improve their skills.

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Buying Guide

You need to point out some important facts about the bowling ball before buying it. These points are stated below.

Keep An Eye on The Cover-Stock

Being a stroker bowler, you would like to maintain consistency with high accuracy. For this, the cover-stock of the ball should be Hybrid or Pearl reactive. Plastic or Polyester cover-stocks cannot be used in Dry lanes.

Choose Wisely the Core Type and Alignment

For strong pin-carrying actions with regular strikes, it is recommended to get a heavyweight block with a spherical shape. Besides, you must choose the symmetrical core type for a balanced and stable motion of the balls.

Take A Look at The Finishing

The ball should be factory finished using highly gritted papers. Moreover, scrubbed with crown factory compounds would be advantageous for you and will save some bucks of polishing.

Check the Price

The price of the bowling ball is an important fact to be noted. Being a stroker and competitive bowler you must not budget out a flagship bowling ball with premium features.

Tips And Tricks for A New Buyer
  • You must select the weight of the bowling ball that supports your comfort and grip. Having a good physique will allow you to pick heavy balls for good performance.
  • Being a stroker you must pick a ball with Low RG value and medium/high differential value.
  • You should choose balls with Pearl Reactive cover-stocks as it delivers continuous mid-lane reactions with heavy pin carrying action.
  • You should be able to drill holes in the ball according to your convenience and grip.

The audience and spectators expect a consistent and strong performance from a stroker. They provide the visitors with an entertaining show. For this, a good, professional, and best bowling ball for a stroker is a must.

As a cranker bowler needs to strike regularly, he must be looking for a quick and stable ball. A ball with smooth angular motion. and destructive pin-carrying action is good for a stroker.

The Storm Motiv Venom would be a decent pic for strokers having no budget issue and wanting to perform confidently. If the budget is a big deal, then Pyramid Path can be chosen, as it delivers overall premium performance.

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