Bowling Tips for Beginners: How to Play Bowling?

Bowling is a fun game. You don’t need to be super talented to play bowling, but it’s a game that does require some tricks and tactics to strike the pins down. In this recreational game, the main task is to strike the pins by rolling a ball. Though in the first place it might not seem hard, it is required to know how to play bowling if you are a beginner.

Bowling Tips for Beginners

Follow these easy tips for gaining the targeted result in bowling and learn how to bowl-

1. Pick the Right Ball

Why is picking the perfect ball important in bowling? Because of its weight. The ball’s weight should be 10% of your body weight. Therefore, if you are 110 pounds, then bowling with an 11 pounds ball should be okay for you. However, it depends on some other things also which we’ll see later.

A bowling ball generally weighs between 11 to 12 pounds for women and 14 to 15 pounds for men. Depending on the size of your hand, you should choose the ball size that you can carry without feeling overweight. However, taking a little heavier ball than you’re comfortable with will give you some momentum.

Not all balls will fit your hand. Most importantly, your thumb must fit snugly in the ball’s thumb hole. If it seems like the finger is stuck inside the hole and you can’t take it out without pulling, then go for a larger ball. Though it should neither be too large.

2. Release with Power

Whenever you throw the ball when doing a downward swing, make sure you deliver it with power so that the ball reaches at the end and hits the pins. A powerful stroke may earn you a complete strike. Be consistent every time you throw the ball.

3. Focus on How You’re Bowling Not on the Pins

It’s very common in the bowlers, especially among beginners focusing on the pins when bowling rather than how he/she bowling. Pay close attention to the arrows, dots, and foul lines to set your mind where you want to make the shot. Use them as a guide.

Shooting in the center does not necessarily mean you will strike all the pins. As a beginner, shoot for the second arrow to the right if you’re a righty and do the opposite if you’re a lefty. Keep altering your shots until you get the perfect spot you better shoot at.

4. Watch Others

Watch the seniors how they throw the ball and in which direction. That will help you get new ideas and you’ll learn new tricks.

5. Stay Focus and Relax

Often, we forget to just calm down and play the game. Yes, you need to hit the strike but first learn how to throw a ball. Start with a lighter ball. Keep your thumb out and roll the ball with your palm. It may not hit the pins but you’ll get the idea of how you can use your thumb to guide the ball in the right direction later. Also, try various bowling patterns to get the right way.

6. Practice in a Noise-free Zone

Choose a lane that’s not crowded with bowlers. It’ll help you to focus and concentrate on your game.

Bottom Lines

Practice makes everyone perfect! Keep playing how you play best. Eventually, you’ll learn to bowl like a pro. There is no hidden magic touch to becoming a pro-level Bowler except practicing a lot.

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