Brunswick Bowling Twist Reactive Ball Review in 2021

Bowling, undoubtedly, is an exciting game to play indoors. Whether playing with your family members or friends, it’s an excellent choice of game to play in this time of the pandemic when outdoors is shut most of the time.

The Brunswick Twist Reactive is an entry performance bowling ball from Brunswick. This ball delivers a great strike with lower hook potential. Now, check out its amazing features below.

The Brunswick Twist fills up the gap between Tzones and Rhinos. Here goes the detailed review of the Brunswick Twist Reactive Bowling Ball.

Best Brunswick Twist Bowling Ball Review
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Main Features


Bowling Style

The Twist Reactive ball rolls smoothly thought the lane. You can have a predictable bowling style with this ball hitting more pins at a time.

Preferable Level of Bowler

Twist Reactive is an entry level performance ball. So, if you’re a beginner despite your age level you can try this ball. It is designed for beginners to bowl in light oil conditions. However, the pro bowlers can also strike with this one.

Reaction Shape Strength

In the case of a bowling ball, the greater the number the more reaction you will get from the ball. The reaction shape strength is counted as 1 being the least and 100 being the best. The Brunswick Twist Reactive has a reaction shape strength of 25. Though the balls with a higher number will have a greater overall reaction.

Best Brunswick Twist Bowling Ball Review
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The ball pearl reactive cover which is an upgraded version of plastic. It features a crown factory polish.

Product Specification
Title Brunswick Bowling Twist Reactive Ball
Sport Type
Item Weight
8-16 Pounds
Ball Color
Core Name
Twist Low Differential (Symmetric)
Cover stock
R-16 (Pearl Reactive)
Hook Potential
Low Hook
Factory Finish
500 Sia air/Crown Factory Compound/Crown Factory Polish
Lane Condition

Drilling Option

It comes undrilled. You may need to spend some bucks and get it drilled from your local shop. However, there might be an option to get a drilled version of it so that you don’t have to do it later and start bowling as soon as you get it. The company provides a drilling layout that suggests particular drilling methods for every type of bowler.

Ball Size

The Brunswick Twist has 8 different sizes depending on its weight. You can have a ball weighing from 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 lbs. And depending on the ball size, the more or less reaction the ball gives.

Pin Length

This bowling ball has a 3 to 4 inch pin length.


This ball has a medium to low hook on the light oil conditions.


This bowling ball has a pretty attractive color combination. It has 4 different color options. A Twist logo is printed on the ball with golden ink.

Best Brunswick Twist Bowling Ball Review
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Buying Tips

It’s a quick buying guide to pick the right bowling ball among a pool-

Personal Rating

To my personal rating, the Twist Reactive will get a 4.7 out of 5 for its excellent performance and lower hooking attribute.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re a big guy or teen, if you want to start bowing, the Brunswick Twist Reactive is the perfect ball to start with.

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