900 Global Zen Bowling Balls Reviews: Best Global Ball Ever

Are you looking for a perfect mid-lane bowling ball?  Don’t worry; you have come to the right place. Today, we will learn about the best mid-lane 900 Global Zen bowling balls reviews that can be used in any lane situation.

Yes, you heard it right; amazingly, the 900 Global Zen ball has full bowling features that help the player play for a long time. So, if you are looking for a bowling ball that can provide good performance with smooth roll quality, and long-term use, then definitely the Zen Ball will be an excellent choice for you. 

Since bowling is a challenging game and any player wants to be successful in any situation. For this reason, the key to improve in the game is choosing the right bowling ball, which can help improve performance.

So, let’s read the whole article to know more about this great Zen Ball.

Global Bowling Balls
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Main Features


In the Prime 800 series format, 900 Global Zen is like a bowling ball with pearls that give you a different reaction shape. This famous Zen uses a new meditated symmetric core much larger than the ball core of the previous global design. 

In addition, balls of earlier designs used lower RG and higher differential aspects than symmetric reflector cores. 

Don’t worry about Zen; it has solid angular motion and back-end recovery that you can easily understand using the ball. You will generally get the qualities you need to improve your bowler’s performance in a primary ball. 

Here, we will tell some of the key features of Zen’s ball:

Big Core Symmetric

Bowlers prefer a strong core because it provides consistent feedback. In addition, the Zen 900 Global has a larger meditated core to give players an advantage in the game. 

However, a larger core means more hitting power that the mediator will continue to provide you. 

Global Bowling Balls
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Perfect Mid control Ball

This Zen ball can be thrown smoothly in the middle lane. As a result, it shows the great performance of other players, including the mid-lane player. 

In addition, many have been impressed by this impressive performance in mid control lane.  Some have even been pleasantly surprised by how well the quality of a pearl ball controls the mid-lane.


Another great feature is its extraordinary flexibility. And, this 900 Global Zen S77R Pearl cover stock allows bowlers to play with exceptional flexibility, which later helps them improve their performance. 

Also, serious players often seek this quality of flexibility.  So, Zen has brought this 900 global bowling ball in the market to improve this bowler’s game further.

S77 Response Pearl Cover

The impressive Pearl version of the S77 at 900 Global Zen offers more flip responses than all the balls in Zen’s 800 series. That’s why this ball is a great choice for players.

Also, the medium to a heavy pattern of this ball helps you open your corners easily. 

Decent Look

Most users say Zen is an admirable ball. This beautiful reactive ball sees the amount of friction and treats it in a balanced way. 

With that, the ball can be easily thrown and matched immediately afterward. This impressive ball is a great choice for bowlers of any range. 

Product Specification
Title 900 Global Zen Bowling Ball
900 Global
The S77R Pearl
Ball Color
Teal, Silver, Magenta
Core System
Meditate Symmetric
Hook Potential System
Box Finish
1500 Polished
Top weight
Pin weight
Lane Status
Medium to Heavy Oil
Length Condition
Ball Perfection
The Strong Performance Balls
12lb | 13lb | 14lb | 15lb | 16lb
Radius of Gyration
2.65 | 2.59 | 2.50 | 2.49 | 2.48
0.035 | 0.045 | 0.051 | 0.051 | 0.051
What We Like
What Don't We Like
Things to Keep in Remember When Buying a Bowling Ball

The worst thing you can do is select a random ball. Using the wrong weight ball is not only bad for your game; you can hurt yourself by doing this.

Global Bowling Balls
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Final thoughts

In this long, confusing life of bowling success, one of the steps to improve bowlers is to choose the right bowling ball. And, this Zen has come up with the strongest responsiveness for bowlers and great balls to enhance their performance.

And, this 900 Global Zen bowling balls reviews can usually smooth out the offensive back-end. So, most bowlers, especially mid-lane bowlers, use this Zen ball in the game.

Hopefully, after overviewing this article in its entirety, you have come to know about the features, pros, cons, and other unique benefits of 900 global Zen balls.

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