How Much do Professional Bowlers Make: Get the Entire Answer

How much do pro bowlers make? You may be looking for the answer to this question on many sites. DON’T WORRY; you are not alone; many people have been seen searching for this question out of various questions.

And, most of the time, the basic information about the player’s money is unknown because they did not disclose it. But for your convenience, in today’s article, we will cover the money-making ways of bowlers.

However, many people didn’t know that they were not making money just by participating in the game or winning it. There are many more sources to earn them.

In today’s article, we will know how to make money, the amount of bowlers’ income, and how much money they make in each of their tournaments. So, let’s overview the entire article.

The Way Bowlers Make Money

In sports, people also watch bowling tournaments like cricket and football. Generally, we try to build our career from this place of choice. We all choose a job or a career from which we can earn income along with long-lasting work. 

In sports, players want to sustain their long careers through income. But there are many more ways to earn money than just winning a match or earning from a team. So, let’s find out how a bowler can earn.

Sponsorship Deals

When a bowler is recognized for a good game, various companies sponsor bowling equipment such as jerseys and shoes.

In this way, the company markets its product, and the bowler, on the other hand, earns money through that sponsorship.

Prize Money Tournament

When a bowler performs well in a tournament, he is rewarded at the end of the game. And the bowler gets money through his outstanding performance.

With Advertisement

Various brand or television advertising organizers promote their products through recognized bowlers for approval of their products.

So that the fans of the bowler can buy that product, also, this way, a bowler can make money even by advertising.

How Much Money Does a Professional Bowler Earn?

How much money a bowler can earn depends on a few factors. These are:

The more experienced the player is in these matters, the greater his value. Now, read the next part to know the average income of pro bowlers, tournament income, and the highest or lowest income.

Pro Bowlers Average Income

According to statistics, New York City is one of the highest-paid cities for professional bowlers. The average annual salary of a professional bowler in New York City is $42,450. This average amount per year is quite decent for a pro bowler.

If you want to do as for the month, the average amount per month will be $3,537. But, on the other hand, if we count this average amount weekly, it amounts to $816.

Pro Bowlers Income per Tournament

Typically, bowling players are not paid to participate in the tournament, but when the whole game is over, both teams have a reward system at the end of the game. The winning team is paid $70,000 and the runner-up $35,000.

Sometimes there is no payment for small tournaments, but if the tournament is a big tournament or a league, the association arranges overall rewards for the pro players. They then make a fixed round payment which can be around $5000 to $10,000.

Highest or Lowest Income for Pro Bowlers

Now we will know the maximum annual salary of pro bowlers, and here the maximum means that if you have the skills of the pro bowler and the quality to be the best in the business, you can earn the maximum amount of money per year.

Professional bowlers earn the most with a salary of $98,500 a year, and professional bowlers earn a minimum of $16,000 a year.

5 Pro Bowlers Highest Income
Walter Ray Williams Jr.

Walter Ray Williams Jr. is the first highest-paid professional bowler in the world. He has many impressive records and earned over $5 million as a professional bowler, the highest ever among bowlers.

The next highest-paid bowler is Jason Belmonte. He has led the PBA Tour earnings after finishing with nearly $300,000 in prize money.

Jason Belmonte
Jason Belmonte.
Bill O'Neill
Bill O'Neill

The third highest-paid bowler is Bill O’Neill, whose maximum income is $ 272,285.00

And the fourth highest-paid bowler is Anthony Simonsen, who earned about $ 230,130.

Anthony Simonsen
Anthony Simonsen
Kristopher Prather
Kristopher Prather

The last paid bowler on our list is Kristopher Prather, who earned $ 223,285.

Final Verdict

Like other sports, bowling is also a high-paying sport. Therefore, professional bowlers always try hard enough to improve their skills in this game.

Hopefully, if you want to take up bowling as a profession, reading our article and knowing specific income information will benefit you.

Because you, as a professional bowler, can make a lot of money in many more ways like tournaments and bowling brands. Also, after reading how much do pro bowlers make the article, you know for sure the amount of income of professional bowlers.

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