9 Steps to Choosing the Best Bowling Ball for 2021

Bowling balls are significant in the game, and you must choose one that fits your style and meets your needs before you begin. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to choose the right bowling ball, and most people have trouble finding one ideal for them.

Due to my inexperience, I had to learn the basic concepts of bowling balls as well. Then, using the experts’ opinions, we selected the right bowling ball based on their recommendations for you on how to choose a bowling ball.

Choosing the Best Bowling Ball for 2021

Despite thinking that you can walk into any store and select the attractive bowl to play with, you could not be more mistaken.

The following steps are my recommendations for finding the right bowling ball through trial and error:

1. Choosing the Right Weight

Bowling balls ranging in weight from 6 to 16 pounds come in many different types. Lighter bowls are often used for kids who want to bowl, while heavier bowls are appropriate for adults.

General rules of thumb say that the right bowling ball should weigh between 10% and 160 pounds, depending on your body weight. A bowling wall that weighs 8 pounds may seem ridiculously light to someone who weighs 200 pounds. If you are an adult male, you will probably need a bowling ball weighing between 14 and 16 pounds.

Although there are exceptions, it is essential to note that there are some. For example, it would be better to focus on your comfort when bowling rather than your ball’s weight if you’ve recently been injured, such as your arm or back.

2. Aspirations

Are you interested in improving your game? A resin or urethane ball is the first step up. You will gradually hook the ball with urethane balls if you are playing house patterns, including league play, not sports patterns. The beginning level reactive resin ball will get you going for those looking to move on to the latest equipment and techniques.

We want to know precisely what you have planned for bowling in the upcoming year. In the event that you don’t have time to bowl twice a month for at least a year, you should choose an entry-level safe plastic or exciting active resin ball based on your past habits. Remember, this is only your first attempt if you are committed. Using plastic or urethane first will help you improve your precision and spare-making abilities. Choosing an active resin ball will further increase your striking skills.

3. Cover image.

Cover stock refers to the material covering the outside of your ball. The cover stock has an essential effect on the ball’s reaction on the lane since it determines how it will behave.

4. Thumb Fit

If your thumb does not fit comfortably in the bowling ball, then choose another one. Bowling ball performance will be compromised if your thumb can slide in or out too quickly. A good bowling ball is one whose side can barely be reached by your thumb inside the hole. Ensure the thumb hole doesn’t feel too tight or too loose and that your thumb fits snugly into the thumbhole.

5. Polyester

You can get this cover stock for the lowest price, but it is not versatile.

The cover stocks of these alley house balls are typically cheap, all-rounders that are comfortable to throw. However, they do not necessarily have the same impact on every type of throw. They are considered all-rounders because of their predictability, lack of hook potential, and easy use.

Beginners and straight-line bowlers should use this ball cover – which is why you’ll see it on most house balls.

6. Reactive resin

It would be best to consider how reactive the bowling ball is once you know the weight and cover-stock you will need. But, of course, your bowling ball design will also determine this.

Additionally, you need to know about reactive resin cover-stock. There are generally three different types of reactive resin cover-stock: solid, pearl, and hybrid.

They tend to make a little more friction on oily lanes but are great for creating an even rolling experience.

However, it should be noted that you will trade off some control as the oily lanes will be pretty responsive, causing difficulties for beginners.

It operates better on oily roads because they create less friction and are less reactive than reactive pearl resins.

It will still hook but a little bit more subtlety, and it will also take time and practice to master the use of these bowling balls.

7. Material

It is essential to consider how good you are at bowling before selecting the suitable bowling ball material. Plastic or polyester bowling balls are the best option for beginners. Additionally, these are the least expensive options, which are very important when shopping for bowling balls on a budget.

You can upgrade your game with urethane bowling balls or reactive-resin bowling balls if you’re an intermediate or an advanced player. The best bowling ball for throwing a “hook” is the reactive-resin bowling ball. Urethane balls are easier to curve, but you should note that the reactive-resin ball is the best bowling ball for hooks. Reactive resin provides the most friction between the ball and the lane, and it is considered a high-quality bowling ball. Despite its high price tag, it is also one of the best bowling balls.

8. USBC Approved

USBC-approved bowling balls can be used for professional competitions, as they are generally available.

Bowling balls should be perfectly balanced for you to use them, and the most critical aspect is the weight and balance. Your weight should also be accurate, but if not, it could negatively affect your performance.

It is easy to find out if a bowling ball is USBC approved by taking it to your local bowling shop, and they will undoubtedly inspect it for you.

Additionally, these pros are incredibly knowledgeable regarding bowling balls and general sports, so you can count on them to fix your bowling ball and get you ready for the big game.

9. Practice and be patient

You should consider the additional add-ons if everything is selected and you are ready to play.

Bowling ball bags and cleaning products can extend the ball’s life and fix some of the problems that may occur. However, it is recommended that you make these additions gradually since they are expensive.

The next and most crucial step is to practice and spend more time in the alley.

Practicing will help you improve naturally, and if you have the funds, a pro could help you too.

It is essential to have someone with professional knowledge to assist you in understanding bowling and the various circumstances you could face.

An example of a hook shot would be this:

Right-handed bowlers turn the ball from right to left, whereas left-handed bowlers turn it from left to right. A ‘hook’ is caused by the ball breaking into the pocket and hooking around the pin deck.

Push shots are shots that are taken with the hands.

The incoming ball path and the ball path are angled the same way. In this delivery type, you trace your fingers and hand in an imaginary straight line, which is how the term push comes from.

Related Questions:
Are there any brands of bowling balls that are better than others?

It is necessary to know that the leading manufacturers include Storm, Hammer, Ebonite, Roto Grip, Pyramid, DV8, Columbia 300, and Brunswick focusing on developing performance bowling balls with versatility in design and significant ball reaction abilities.

Are there any bowling balls that are heavier than others?

While you can use a 16-pound ball for bowling, some people will begin with a lighter ball and work their way up to a heavier ball as they progress.

I'm picking a bowling ball for the first time. Should I consider brand?

Not at all. U.S. Bowling Congress has approved over 100 brands of balls for competition. The list includes 1000s of balls from these brands, so virtually all beginner’s balls can be found there.

What are some excellent online tools or apps that you can use to select bowling balls?

To my knowledge, there is no comprehensive online selector available in 2019. However, for their subset of brands and balls, both bowling.com and bowlingball.com provide reasonable filters. In addition, on the websites of specific manufacturers, they offer selection tools.

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Bowling is an excellent way to spend some time out of the house and to do something fun.

Choosing the right bowling ball for your game might seem daunting, but once you have the proper ball, you will appreciate what it is like to play with a ball that matches your needs precisely.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article, and we’d like to hear your thoughts on these tips.

If we have covered everything you need to know, please let us know in the comments section if you have any questions.

Please let us know your thoughts on choosing the right bowling ball and how you go about doing so.

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