Storm Pitch Black Review-The Best Bowling Ball Its Kind in 2021

If you are a beginner or intermediate level bowler who is bored of using the plastic ball, then you should get a urethane bowling ball to level up your game. There are plenty of urethane bowling balls in the market to choose from, but we recommend the Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball from Storm’s Thunder Series.  

But you may wonder, “Are not urethane bowling balls a bit old school? So, what makes Storm Pitch black special”? The answers to all of your questions will be found in this Storm Pitch Black Review. 

Should You Buy the Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball
storm pitch black bowling ball review
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Main Features


The Storm Pitch Black Bowling ball is a worthy heir of the 80’s popular urethane bowling balls. However, it has a few upgrades of its own. The new controlled solid urethane cover stock gives it the ability to create more fractions with the lane. Because of this friction, bowlers can control the movement of the ball with ease. 

Thus, the ball is ideal for both beginner and intermediate level bowlers who want more friction than provided by the plastic ball. The capacitor graphite core is also useful for professionals to get extra mph and impact with the pins.

However, the drawback of Storm Pitch Black is that it does not perform very well in heavily oiled lanes. It loses control and can slip on the track. Thus, it is better not to use urethane balls in heavily oiled lanes. Other than that, you can use the ball in any kind of lane. 

So, if you want to upgrade from your plastic bowling balls, you should get a Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball. Moreover, it is more durable than plastic or reactive resin balls. This ball will help you to learn how to maneuver bowling balls and increase hooking possibilities. 

Should You Buy the Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball?

storm pitch black bowling ball review
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Modern urethane bowling balls

The Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball may not be the best in the market, but it is definitely one of the best modern urethane bowling balls. As you can see, it has some exceptional features and qualities that make it a great choice. On the other hand, it has some limitations that cannot be ignored.

However, the limitations of the ball also make it an exceptional choice. You already know the weakness of the ball. Thus, you can avoid using it in unsuitable conditions. Then, again you know where and how to use the ball most effectively. 

Purpose of Buying

Buying the ball actually depends on your purpose of buying a bowling ball. If you are adding it to your personal collections to have different type of ball, then it is fine. Besides, where you practice your skills also affects what type of ball you should get. The material of the lane and the bowling ball always react with each other.

Balling Ball Beginner to Intermediate

So, we recommend you to buy the Storm Pitch black if you are a beginner or intermediate level bowler who is looking for a ball that can help them to get better in the game with better friction and control than plastic balls. And, if you are a professional level bowler, we suggest you get the ball so you can use it when you feel it is convenient. 

You can check the link below to learn more about the ball and its current price in the market. 

Product Specification
Title Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball
Cover stock
Control Solid Urethane
Ball Color
Pitch Black
Capacitor Core
Core Type
1000-grit Pad
12 pounds
Recommended Lane
What We Like
What Don't We Like
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Any confusions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re fan of urethane ball then you’ll definitely love this Storm Pitch Black bowling ball for your bowling activities.

The Strom pitch black has 1000 grit features with its sturdy build quality.

The Pitch Black bowling ball first releases on 05/27/2014 according to websites data.

storm pitch black bowling ball review
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Final thoughts

By now, you must have got answers to all the questions about the ball. You have learned all the details of the ball along with its advantages and disadvantages. The ball is certainly great for practicing bowling skills even after some limitations.

Hopefully, this Storm Pitch Black Review will help you to decide whether you should buy the bowling ball or not. 

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